About me

Hi there, I am primarily a UI Developer with some experience in backend. Most of my time goes into converting the designs(Illustrations and Images) into reality(Working Html and Javascript code). I believe in code quality, not quantity.

Responsive Design

Your Website should be flexible enough to perfectly fit across all types of mobiles/tablets/laptops or desktops. There are several frameworks which helps you to support responsive design. One of the most widely used among them is Bootstrap which I have also used for this website.

Browser Compatibility

You never know what browser the customer would use to open your website. Especially when your site is on internet. There are several mechanisms which would allow you to write code that would work same on most of the browsers. Still there would be minor differences across them as the browsers implemention of Ecmascript differs.


From a tiny library like Backbone to heavy weight Extjs, there are many JS frameworks. Although internally all of them finally use core Javascript, but saves you a lot of time to write the same code again and again. Libraries such as JQuery are so popular that sometimes $ seems to be a default part of javascript for the beginners.


Learning never ends. You always endup with something that's new for you. At this point of time I find myself comfortable with


Technically the standard is ECMAScript, nevertheless javascript is still popular


HTML5 brings the best of browsers without external libraries


CSS3 gives you more power using transform/transitions/animations.


Java lets you understand the backend data services.


In this ever-changing technological world you always need some powerful weapons by your side; My ammunition set includes


Awsome and simple editor. The closest you can get to an IDE at such a low size


Ofcourse, there is SVN, Perforce etc. But git takes repository management to another level


The most popular and free IDE that comes with long term support


A very intuitive project management tool. Integrates with git easily


Node has made javascript even more powerful. With npm its a breeze to use libraries

Developer Tools

Firefox or chrome : Its always a personal choice. Being a UI developer you need to pick yours


The best source of knowledge is always experience. Nevertheless, here is a brief history about my formal education.

  • Bachelor of Engineering


    BE in Computer Science from RGPV Bhopal

  • Higher Secondary School


    12th from Kendriya Vidyalaya Jabalpur

  • High School


    10th from Army School Mathura Cantt


I have worked on a variety of projects with different domains. With each new project you get a new set of challenging problems.

  • Supply Chain Product

    Complete supply chain management from order to shipment
  • Online portfolio

    A small project to keep my online presence
  • Ecommerce Web Portal

    A Liferay based configurable ecommerce platform
  • Customer Data Management Application

    Banking Application


In case you want to reach me...

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A lot of ways to connect these days

  • amiit8@gmail.com

  • Phone number on request

  • Pune India