These are some of the projects I have worked on in the past.

bankingCore Banking Solution

This project was a banking application for the employees of a renowned bank. The front-end for the application used xslt to convert generated xml to jsp pages.

My role was to customize the Java services and front-end JSP pages according to the customer’s requirements. The challenge here was to modify the code without breaking other existing functionalities as the most important thing for any bank is stability.

Ecommerce Portal

The product is a highly configurable ecommerce platform which can be used by several customers. The backend was based on Amazon Webservices and hence many customers can integrate their data using Amazon cloud without managing the hardware. My role here was to develop UI widgets which would be configurable by the administrator. Marionette and Backbone were used to create the structure and views using data from the rest services, while handlebars was used as a templating framework.



Supply Chain Management

The product enables the customer(basically large enterprises) to manage their stocks efficiently and also decrease wastage using several mechanisms such as forecasting. The application uses java services as a backend. My role in this project was to create User Interfaces using ExtJS on top of company developed platform. For different clients the application needs to be customized to adhere to their requirements.




Media Buying Platform

The product enables advertising agencies to handle cross media buying and selling. The product is built using the latest UI technologies such as knockoutjs, grunt, node. My task on the product was to improve the User interface and enhance as per the user requirements including but not limited to performance as well as stability.